» » Penetrating chest trauma

Penetrating chest trauma

Technique Although often performed in emergent conditions, attention to technique in placing the chest tube is vital to avoid complications from the procedure. Site The chest tube is placed on the correct side in the mid- or anterior- axillary line, behind pectoralis major to avoidhaving to dissect through this thick muscle. On expiration, the diaphragm rises to the 5th rib at the level of the nipple, and thus chest drains should be placed above this level. Rib spaces are counted down from the 2nd rib at the sternomanubrial joint. Practically, the highest rib space that can be easily felt in the axilla usually the 4th or 5th is the most appropriate. A combination of intravenous analgesia and local anaesthesia is used for the procedure.
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Chest Trauma

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Features Description Specs Downloads Features Completely occlusive dressing designed for the treatment and management of an open chest wound caused by a penetrating trauma New, more compact packaging Advanced adhesive technology designed to create a superior seal Transparent backing designed to allow placement directly over the wound and easily conform to the casualty's chest Red elliptical tab for single step peel-and-adhere application that can also facilitate burping of the wound Made In America Federal Trade Commission FTC Requires "All or virtually all" made materials, manufacturing and labor are U. Due to the strict labeling requirements from the FTC we have chosen not to mark these items on the website in order to avoid confusion. In an effort to ensure product quality and innovation to its members, the NTOA has implemented a product review program through its membership. This program allows manufacturers to have their products tested in the field by the law enforcement community. Products up for review are distributed anonymously to pre-designated members for testing and evaluation.
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Penetrating trauma

Liver, spleen, colon, bladder, stomach, pancreas, transverse colon, ileum, jejunum Flank Kidneys, ureters, ascending and descending colon Posterior abdomen Great vessels, duodenum, pancreas, spinal cord Image 1: Organs of the flank between anterior and posterior axillary lines Injury Signs and Symptoms Symptoms and signs are normally related to blood loss from injury to these very vascular organs. Signs of shock may be present but will be a late sign in a young, fit patient. Injury to the liver or spleen are common injuries following blunt trauma and can be identified on a trauma CT scan.
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As trauma care has evolved, intensive, nonoperative care has been used more frequently to manage many trauma patients. The guidelines require a general multisystem examination or a complete examination of a single organ system in order to constitute a comprehensive exam. The multisystem examination requires two bullets from each of the nine organ systems to constitute a comprehensive history and physician exam see Table 1. Good documentation is important. Typically the trauma admission forms will cover the multisystem exam, because it is generally recommended that trauma patients receive a comprehensive evaluation.
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